Political Climate


  • Climate:

    • Ecuador President Rafael Correa is a far left politician who is aggressively moving his political agenda, creating a powerful grasp over the country, and leading the nation into extreme socialism.
    • He was successful in redrafting the nation’s constitution enabling him to:
      • consolidate more power into the Presidential office
      • ostracize opposing media
      • have a stranglehold of a citizen’s freedom of speech and human rights
      • President Rafael Correa ousted American Ambassador Heather Hodges based on her involvement in a 2009 leaked cable where she was quoted saying, “ Corruption among Ecuadorian national police officers is widespread and well-known,” and the corruption becomes, “more pronounced at higher levels of power.”
      • Mirroring Venezuela’s President, Hugo Chavez, “Correa views the independent media as an obstacle to his political project that must be defeated…he has waged an unremitting campaign of intimidation to control the means of communication.”

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